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Dad-Joke-Worthy Plant Puns for Father’s Day

Looking to cultivate some laughs while celebrating Dad? Welcome to the “Dad Joke” row in our garden of puns. These puns are beyond groan-worthy.

These are the ultimate eye-rollers, the worst of the worst, guaranteed to make Dad laugh and everyone else cringe. Ready to dig in? Grab a shovel and plant yourself some laughs.

Root-Level Dad-Joke Puns

Sometimes, the simplest jokes are the best. These root-level plant puns are perfect for cracking a smile or breaking the ice.

They’re easy to remember and even easier to deliver. Pluck these out whenever you need to plant a little humor in Dad’s day.

  • What did the dad say to his son at the gardening competition? I’m rooting for you!
hey bud small
  • What did the big flower say to the smaller flower? Hey, Bud!
hey bud small 1
  • Why do trees hate tests? Because they get stumped easily.
trees tests uh
  • What kind of trees fit in your hand? Palm trees.
palm tree site
  • Why did the tomato turn red? It saw the salad dressing.
salad dressing site
  • What do you call a plant that roars? A dande-lion.
dandelion site
  • Why was the graying gardener so busy? He had lots of roots to cover.
gray gardener
  • What’s a gardener’s favorite type of music? Heavy mulch-al.
heavy mulchal music
  • How do you fix a broken tomato? With tomato paste.
broken tomato site
  • What’s a vegetable’s favorite sport? Squash.
squash site
  • What did the lettuce say to the celery? Quit stalking me!
stalking site
  • Why did the gardener win an award? He was outstanding in his field.
outstanding site
  • How does a plant get out of a party? It just leaves.
leaves party
  • Why did the gardener join a band? He wanted to rake in the music.
rake band site
  • What do you call a flower that runs on electricity? A power plant.
power plant site

Leafy Laughs

Still looking for that perfect dad-joke-worthy garden pun? Give these punny jokes a side-eye.

  • What do you get if you cross a four-leaf clover with poison ivy? A rash of good luck.
rash good luck site
  • What does a gardener say when they leave the garden? “I’ll seed you later.”
seed you later site
  • How do you know flowers are friendly? They always have new buds.
new buds site
  • Why don’t you tell secrets in a cornfield? Too many ears.
too many ears
  • What did the tree wear to the pool party? Swim trunks.
swim trunks site
  • Why did the farmer start a band? He had a lot of sick beets.
sick beets site
  • Why did the gardener quit? The celery wasn’t high enough.
celery site
  • How do trees get online? They log in.
log in trees
  • Why do gardeners make terrible houseguests? They put down roots and they never leaf.
never leaf site
  • What did the seed say to the garden bed? “Stop being so shallow!”
shallow site

Let the Groans Begin

Want to bury them in laughter? These dad-joke-worthy plant puns are sure to leaf everyone with a smile. Dig them out at your next gathering and reap a bountiful harvest of chuckles and chortles.