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Plant & Garden Puns That Could Double as Pick-Up Lines

Hey Plant Lovers, welcome to the ultimate collection of plant-themed pickup lines. Whether you’re looking to sprout a new romance at the community garden or just having some fun with your friends, these puns will surely bring a smile (or a grimace) to anyone’s face. So, grab your gardening gloves and let’s weed through the rows in the hopes of finding something ripe for the picking.

plant pickup puns

Simple Plant-Themed Pick-Up Puns

Like wheat, corn, and potatoes, some of the best plant puns are some of the most basic. These straightforward garden pick-up puns are perfect for sprouting a laugh or breaking the rice. Pull them out whenever you want to plant a smile on someone’s face.

Why don’t you plant one on me?

I’m quite frond of you.

I pine for you.

You’ve bean on my mind.

Here’s to our budding relationship.

You leaf me breathless.

I really dig you.

Let’s grow wild together.

I can’t be-leaf how beautiful you are.

Could I seed you again?

I think we’re mint to bee.

You make my heart skip a beet.

Do you be-leaf in lobe at first sight?

You’re a-maize-ing.

(If you can’t find a way to pull that last one out in a corn maze, when it is so many puns in one, there may be no hope for you.)

Two-Parter Plant-Themed Pick-Up Puns

Some punny plant-themed pick-up lines are more elaborate. These classic call-and-response pick-up lines will help you make a memorable (or cringe-worthy) impression.

Want to cross-cultivate? Because I think we’d make a great pear.

Are you an herb? Because you’re absolutely mint.

I bet you’re a great gardener. I’d love to see your bed.

Could I take you to the flower show? ‘Cause you’re a blooming beauty.

You must be ivy. Because you’re really growing on me.

Leaf Them Smiling

The right pickup lines leaf people with a good impression. So, use these lines sagely, whether you’re trying to sprout a new romance or just looking to bloom a laugh.

Dig in and let the good thymes roll.