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Best Backyard Upgrades For Your Home According To Experts

If you’re tired of having a drab backyard, then it’s time to consider making some changes.

There are some upgrades you can make to your backyard that not only make it a more inviting place for your family, but also more desirable when you’re ready to sell the home.

We asked some experts for their takes on it and have compiled their responses below.

1. Outdoor Kitchen

upgrade outdoor kitchen

The primary backyard upgrade that we focus on is installing an outdoor kitchen/entertaining area.

If you have the space and the funds to complete this type of upgrade, I highly recommend it due to the ROI you can recover from it.

Think of some type of functional area where you can place seating for entertaining, as well as install a kitchen area.

You don’t have to go super expensive with this either!

You can shift an existing space by adding pavers, a functional gas fire pit, and a Cooking area relatively cheaply.

Picture installing a fixed Blackstone grill with stacked stone around it.

This can be an easy DIY project, and it makes your outdoor kitchen and entertaining area seem expensive when it truly isn’t!

In my opinion, outside space is all about spending quality time with family and socializing with friends.

With that in mind my two top picks for backyard upgrades are a fire pit and a pizza oven.

A fire pit is an inexpensive but classy way to upgrade your backyard.

It provides a great space for people to sit round the fire and there’s something really special about an open fire on a cool night.

A pizza oven is also an excellent way to upgrade your backyard.

All cultures across the world bond over food and a pizza oven provides an amazing way to share food with loved ones.

The best backyard upgrade I’ve ever done was to build my own bbq island.

It will make your backyard more useful. With bbq island, you can cook as well as organize a family party right in the backyard.

The outdoor dining will be a comfortable experience for the family. Building a bbq island yourself is not too expensive and laborious.

With just a few materials and a simple design, your bbq island is ready to use.

However, it should be noted that you should make a roof for the bbq island to avoid weather damage.

2. Better Landscaping

upgrade landscaping

Consider landscaping for privacy. Hedges and bushes are much cheaper than fences and they look amazing if done correctly!

This can be an excellent DIY project or you can consult a professional landscaper.

Think of plants that take up space and grow up. This will provide a sense of security in addition to privacy.

Refreshing your landscape is a great idea to make if you want an upgrade to your home.

A walk through nature is good for your mental health.

According to research, just being in areas with natural plants can reduce blood pressure and improve attention span–even if you’re walking around the middle of a city!

One of the best backyard upgrades you can make is lawn restoration and landscape.

A healthy, lush lawn doesn’t just make your home more beautiful; it also offers many benefits.

It ups the value of your house, is good for the environment as it improves the soil and helps clean the air, and naturally relaxes your mind and decreases stress levels.

3. In-ground Trampoline

upgrade trampoline

For those homes with kids, make that trampoline you have out back an in-ground trampoline.

This makes the aesthetic of your yard much cleaner, gives the kids a fun new way to enjoy a classic activity, and provides a safety bonus.

With an in-ground trampoline the kids are already at ground level so they don’t fall off.

4. Tornado-Proof Garden Sheds

With uptick in storms and intensity it makes sense to have a backyard storage shed that is tornado proof, a single lifetime purchase.

Since post Hurricane Andrew DRD Enterprises inc of Davie has been offering portable 8 ton tornado proof garden storage sheds that can save your life. The next evolution in storage sheds.

5. Nice Garden

upgrade garden

A well-maintained garden can actually raise the value of your home and certainly gives you more curb appeal.

People are looking for sustainable living solutions in a modern package, so having modular raised bed planters is a great option.

You can place these as you see fit and separate out your plants, or plant different kinds in one bed.

They can be moved around to suit the aesthetics you’re going for at different times of the year, too.

For example, when one set of plants is dormant, you can just shift another raised bed to the front.

6. Add A Deck

upgrade deck

If you enjoy spending time with family and friends outdoor, then you might want to consider adding a deck.

This is a perfect spot for sunbathing, grilling, and entertaining.

Adding a patio or deck in your backyard improves the home extension much better while making the outdoor space more enjoyable and attractive.

Installing a good, well-furnished patio or deck would cost you as low as $2,000 to as high as $10,000 depending on the quality and feature you want to bring in.

The most amazing fact is that by doing backyard upgrades through adding a patio or deck, you will be able to increase your property or home value by at least $8,000-$12,000 or more depending on the market climate.

The curb appeal of your home also comes in effect enormously attracting the potential buyer on the addition of a well and better raised deck or patio.

A good patio addition in the backyard could bring you a ROI of 30%, up to 60%.

The work can be done by yourself also, adding a patio or deck all by yourself would save you some serious money while you enjoy a heavy fortune.

A deck can easily enhance your livable outdoor space, and because of that every home improvement professionals must-choice is to do a deck improvement, which is undoubtedly the best backyard upgrade for your home.

Building wooden platforms for diverse level decks is a top-notch way to fetch significant inclination to creating outstanding environments.

This will add major value to your premium backyard experience.

However, prior to building a deck, you have to check with your local ordinance to check what’s needed by the local municipality’s rules to create a deck.

Lastly, you should have a professional engineer to make sure the joists are adequately spaced.

7. Plant More Trees

upgrade trees

Why not plant trees to add more shade to your outdoor ambiance to make them feel more cool and refreshing.

Plus, it’s great for the environment.

Having access to green spaces nearby also leads people to feel less stressed out or sick because they have somewhere safe near their home where they feel comfortable going during times when crisis strikes.

8. Inflatable Pool

Since it is pandemic, there are restrictions on traveling. Summer became dull and boring.

Having a pool can ease your longing for beaches and great entertainment for kids.

Inflatable pools can be added attractions but are not very costly.

9. Herb Garden

If you are one of those moms who loves to cook, it is a great idea for you to build an herb garden.

You can have fresh ingredients for the food you will be cooking for the family and it will also entertain you on a dull quarantine day.

10. Outdoor Living Room

You can upgrade your backyard as an outdoor living space. You can use outdoor benches or bamboo sofas.

Also, you can have a small firebox or burning fire table that is going to give an amazing look.

Beautiful outdoor living space also improves the home value.

Upgrade with colors: You can put some containers of colorful flowers to enlighten the backyard.

Using a ladder garden planter is a good idea to make the yard beautiful and save space at the same place.

11. Water Features

upgrade water feature

A pond or water garden adds an extra dimensions to any backyard and is not only aesthetically pleasing but gives a feeling of serenity.

Regardless of the size or whether you choose a water garden or a simple pond, you instantly create an oasis which can evolve into the main feature of your yard.

Your choice of pond should be based not only on size but also on the type of fish you would like to keep and local weather conditions.

A backyard fountain* is another upgrade that I love because they make any backyard feel extra relaxing.

With this, there are so many options out there. You can spend $100 – $3,000 or even more on a lavish fountain!

12. Fire Pit

A firepit is one upgrade that’s very easy to install and isn’t overly expensive.

There’s nothing like sitting around the backyard fire with friends and family!

Not only will this be enjoyable for you, it can even help you sell your house in the future (buyers love to imagine themselves sitting around their backyard firepit in their new home).

I prefer a wood-burning fire pit, but you can also get ones that run on propane.

If you don’t have the space to dig an actual pit, you can find options that are elevated off the ground.

Gas-powered options are good for anyone who lives in an area with fire restrictions.

13. Hot Tub

Although they can be a bit costly, they’re so relaxing that it’s worth it!

Plus, you can usually use a hot tub in every season – you might not want to get in on 90 degree summer days, but even a typical summer night is perfect for the hot tub.

14. Pergola

upgrade pergola

If you want to take it up a notch, build a pergola for you and your family.

Add some tables and chairs and you now have a place to entertain guests or a place to have a nice afternoon cocktail in.

If you’re handy enough, you can build the pergola yourself. But if you want to save some time and effort, you can hire professionals to do it.

One of the best and simplest backyard improvement projects that you can perform yourself is constructing a wooden pergola.

This type of outdoor shade structure isn’t restricted to any particular design, so you can come up with any configuration, size, and cover type, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Pergola can create more space for entertainment in the yard and encourage you to spend more time outdoors in the summer.

The great thing is that pergolas are quite cheap to build and easy to maintain.

This type of backyard improvement has an ROI of 50%-80%. It means that you will receive ½ or ⅘ of your investment when selling your house.