www.bloomingfieldsfarm.com/produce Field Update     Oct. 17 – 19, 2014
Sherman, 9 Rte 55 W    ORGANIC Since 1980    Fri - Sun 10 - 6

                    Variety   Available Notes
 Beans, Heirloom & European, on poles July-Oct   
 Beets   (roots) June-Oct  
   Detroit Dark Red    Today  
 Eggplants, various Aug-Oct    
 Garlic — Medici, Inchelium Aug-Oct    few
 Greens June-Oct  
     Dwarf Curly Blue    Today  plenty, 'dwarf'
     Red Russian (purple-stem)    Today  
     Flat-leaved    Today
     Moss-leaved    Today
 Leeks Aug-Oct  Today  long white shanks
 Peppers Aug-Oct  
 Potatoes June-Oct  
    Kennebec  (Maine, white, oval)     Today  
    Romanze  (Germany, red, gold flesh)     Today
    Satina  (Germany, yellow, oval)    Today
    Yellow Finn  (orig. ?)    Today  
    Desirée  (Holland, pink, oblong)     Today  
    Roseval  (France, pink, oblong)     Today  
    Gold Fingerling  (France, oblong)     Today  
 Squash, Summer July-Sept  
 Squash, Winter Sept-Oct     
    Sweet Dumpling    Today  
    Delicata    Today  
    Butternut, Our Own Strain    Today  
    New England Pie    Today  
    Blue Hubbard    Today    1-2 lb. chunks

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